IN THE _______________ COURT FOR

THE ________JUDICIAL DISTRICT, STATE OF ____________

AT ________________, _____

STATE OF _________________


Defendant. )
) Docket No. : ______________

This cause came to be heard on the ___ day of ___, 199_ , before the Honorable __________________ , Judge, on Defendant’s Motion to be released from the ______________________________ Jail to enter a residential substance abuse recovery and "a life without drugs" training program, and the Court grants the motion with the following conditions:


1.     The Defendant/Client shall be released , effective _____ a.m. \ p.m., on ____, _______ , 20 __ , for the sole purpose of attending and completing a long term residential drug and alcohol rehabilitative program administered by the Life Center Foundation, for a period to be determined by Life Center after an intake evaluation is made. A minimum period of one year is likely. Evaluations will be made on a regular basis and adjustments made. The court shall be kept informed.

2.     When the Defendant/Client successfully completes the treatment program, as determined by the Life Center, the Defendant/Client shall receive credit for time spent in the program as is allowed by law. If Defendant/Client leaves the Life Center program, or is terminated from the program, there shall be no credit applied to the Defendant’s jail sentence.

3.     Once accepted by Life Center Foundation, the Defendant/Client will be permitted to complete the program prescribed and will not be removed from said program by either the probation officer or defendant’s counsel.

4.     While Defendant is in the care of the Life Center Foundation, all communications to the Defendant/Client from Counsel, the Court, the Probation Office, the District Attorney or any other agency shall be directed first to the Life Center, as is authorized by the Release form executed by the Defendant.

5.     Confidentially and trust between the Client/Defendant and Staff is essential for the Client’s recovery. Progress in general terms will be reported to the court on a regular basis.

6.     Life Center Foundation, Inc. shall report to the Court if the Defendant leaves or is terminated from the program and will otherwise report to the Court ten to thirty days prior to the expected completion date of the program.

7.     Upon successful completion of the program, the Defendant/Client shall appear before this Court in order to determine what future incarceration, work release or probation program the Defendant may show himself/herself to be entitled.

Agreed and Approved for Entry:

Assistant District Attorney


Attorney for Defendant

Life Center Foundation Inc.
LCF form 102098

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