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A residential and/or outpatient recovery program that is dedicated to:

• Providing a proven, workable program to those men and women with a sincere desire to recover from the devastation brought on by drugs and alcohol.

• Creating an environment that promotes the discovery, development and relationship to a loving God or "Higher Power."

• Awakening in each client, the awareness of his responsibility to the community, our planet and his fellow man.

• Modeling the importance of helping others and allowing the individual opportunities to "give back."

• Teaching a respect for all people and for all life.

• Bringing out the best in the client.

• Helping the individual receive the training that will provide "meaningful" employment.

To help accomplish these goals, we call on the various social service agencies in the area, the different 12 Step programs that address the individual needs of the client, and the churches of the area that recognize that alcoholism is a disease and not a disgrace and that with the help of a loving God the client can achieve the quality of life that we all deserve.

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