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Our History

Bill IrbyLife Center Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Bill Irby.

Bill, living in Key West, Florida at the time, was all too familiar with the plight of recovering alcoholics and drug abusers who had become lost in the "system" and the negative effects on sustaining and maintaining recovery. Bill, a former realtor, home builder, treasure salvor, and recovering alcoholic decided to do something about it.

There was a need to heal the spirit...

Life Center Foundation, Inc. opened its doors for the very first time in Key West, Florida. Before moving its operation back to Bill's home town of Clarksville, Tennessee over 150 people participated in Life Center's recovery program. Men and women from all walks of life learned a new sturcture for their lives; a new discipline of responsibility; they played in different surroundings and hence, found different playmates. Life began anew.

Since returning to his home town of Clarksville, Tennessee Bill has continued the work he began in Florida. Freedom House opened its doors in 1996 and has been serving people ever since. Serenity Village opened soon after, supplying transitional housing for clients who successfully completed the first two phases of the Life Center Program. They can stay as long as they feel they need, but are encouraged to stay for at least an additional 18 months of supported living.

Adherence to a 12 Step Program and its meetings are mandatory. Sincerity in wanting to quit drugging and drinking is mandatory. The clients' desire to quit will play a major role in acceptance into the Life Center Program. Only when you are willing to "go to any length" will you be open to allow God, or your spiritual "Higher Power", into your heart and your life to affect change. Life Center Foundation, Inc.'s program capitalizes on this change. New associations are made, you find increased self-esteem. Your playgrounds change. Your playmates change. You come to realize, through your hard work and deep reflection, that with the help of God, all things are possible, and you are a living example.