Tax payers and the judicial system benefit.

Some residents at Life Center's facility are selected from the non-violent offender population in the judicial system that will be better served by our program than by incarceration. Thus, the need for jail space is reduced, benefiting all of us.

Additionally, there is a reduction in the chronic offender population, resulting in smaller case loads and increased ability to collect fines from those who choose Life Center as a means to recovery. This also reduces the cost of incarceration for chronic offenders by stopping the "revolving door".

The employer benefits.

In most cases, the employer is able to retain an above average and grateful employee. Employers further benefit by access to a pool of "drug free" employees.

The community as a whole benefits.

A majority of the homeless are victims of the disease of alcoholism and/or addiction. By decreasing the number of homeless on the streets, who are at times forced into lives of crime to feed their addiction, our communities benefit immensely.

Most importantly, the individuals suffering from the disease benefit.

All residents are selected on the basis of their desire to stop drinking and drugging. They are also selected on the basis of their physical and mental capability to live with others. This is an intensive recovery program that requires all residents to work in paying jobs when they are able, attend 12 Step meetings, and cooperate in their own recovery.


It's a better solution to a serious problem.

Studies have shown that the average addicts' habit cost $200.00 to $600.00 per day. Over 90% of them support this habit through illegal activities. Drug dealers usually give an addict about 10% of the value of stolen merchandise they may use to buy drugs, so it requires $2,000.00 to $6,000.00 per day in stolen goods to "feed" their habit. A study by the Florida Governor's Drug Policy Task Force stated that every (one) dollar spent on drug treatment saves the community $52.00.

It works.

Life Center is a long-term, (6 to 18 months) residential alcohol and drug recovery facility for those men and women who we feel are sincere in their desire to become productive citizens and thus to become taxpayers rather than tax users. This is a program with a significant success rate.

As stated by Circuit Court Judge Douglas C. Combs, Jr., "The program you have implemented has been one of the most successful I've seen in the 15 years I've worked with substance abusers."

It changes lives for the better.

Most of our clients are the homeless from the jails or off the streets. Part of their recovery requires them to take responsibility for their lives, which includes paying a nominal rent each week once they become "employable" and employed in a "clean and sober" environment.

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A Substance Abuse
Residential Recovery Program

with an extraordinary success rate

• in-residence
• long-term
• structured

a non-profit, community-based organization
founded and staffed by people who truly
understand recovery from addiction to
alcohol and/or drugs

helping those suffering with addiction
to live with dignity, respect, and hope,
to restore families and
to acquire the skills needed to make
self-sustaining, productive,
and responsible life choices


A Life Choice at Life Center
a choice for freedom
and a choice for Life

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